Silver / 2012 / Advertising / Beauty


  • Company
    The Unknown Artist
  • Photographer
    Oliver Haupt
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girl close portrait

Behind the ¨the unknown artist studio" is the photographer Oliver Haupt.
Before becoming a photographer Oliver studied art and advertising and worked in various agencies as an art director, then he founded the unknown artist, a studio which specializes in photography and retouching. Oliver now creates images for advertising, magazines, industry, direct clients and galleries.
His highly varied and original body of work covers a range of themes and subjects, from natural works to highly stylised and aesthetically complex pieces.
A common thread unites Oliver's work, a desire to record life. His graphic and bold style permeates throughout his work, as does his celebration of everyday beauty.
He is passionate about his work and this is evident in the unbroken dedication given to every project from the initial stages to the final result.