Bronze / 2012 / Book / People

The Absent Ones

  • Photographer
    Júlio Appel
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The Absent Ones Susan Sontag* believes that photography itself can not explain anything and if you do not know 'what' or 'whom' refer to the pictures there is no way to fill the void. The images in this series born from the desire to retain the moment when the beloved one, anonymous, although no longer present, receive their last respects. After that, the absences are multiplying: the body, the reference, the rites of passage, ordinary moments among those who are and those who are no longer. The emptiness. Fall into oblivion. The non-identity. The undifferentiated. In the image source, according to myth, is the absence, nostalgia, the overcoming those who love each other. I have tried to treat this last goodbye matter with the utmost delicacy. The original series consists of 12 photographs taken on film and digital and printed on cotton 21x30 cm in size. Ulysses may lose himself because there is someone who remembers him as he really is and do not forget him. * Susan Sontag: On Photography