/ 2010 / Fine Art /


  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art/Collage, Gold in Fine Art/Collage, 1st Place winner in Fine Art
  • Photographer
    ELENE USDIN, France
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This latest series â??Femmes Dâ??Interieurâ??,Usdin reflects upon the representation of women as a decorative element, morphing objects like common household items, furniture, and even the countryside with that of women painted in the style of portraits from the Classical Era. This offbeat reinterpretation of â??woman-as-objectâ?? is at one time unsettling and yet Usdin has the ability to convey this strong subject matter with wit and charm in her stunning artworks. It is has been said of Usdinâ??s work, â??it is always about women â?? the women of fairytales, of mythology, and of fantasy,â?? and she provides that same ideology in this series.

Diplomee des Arts decoratifs de Paris En 1996. Laureate du prix Picto de la jeune photographie de mode 2006. Exposition aux RIP Arles 2006. Expo galerie Scribe Paris. Exposition galerie AOP, Londres 2007. Exposition Transphotographiques Lille 2008. Publication dans Eyemazing de Mars 2008 des autoportraits aux matelas. femmes d'interieur exposee a la galerie d'arts graphiques a paris et a la galerie farmani a brooklyn. Vit et travaille a Paris. www.eleneusdin.com