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The Poet Act

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    Ricardo Segovia Fotografia
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    Ricardo R. Segovia
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"The Poet Act" is a serie that represents the importance of self-criticism and the way to find a personal transformation.

I born in Chihuahua, México in 1975. My first encounter with photography was in 2001 when I was studying Media Production Technology in El Paso, Texas. I worked for one year in TV studio doing camera work and studio lighting. Two years later, in 2003, I went to México City to study professional photography and get my degree. In 2006 I was assisting two photographers, one in studio lighting for fashion and printing with Erik Jervaise. By 2007, I was invited to teach digital photography in Tec Milenio University. Since then I have been doing workshops and lectures on visual language, digital photography and aesthetics. Also, in 2009 I began working as a freelance photographer doing images for editorial purposes. Now I'm studying a new degree in marketing and advertising in Tec Milenio University, in order to improve my business and advertising strategies.