/ 2010 / Nature / Earth

Beyond Cold Border

On this project Iâ??m dealing with the space of glacier landscape. With hundreds or even thousands of years, they have been created by exceptional and unique conditions and shaped by their environment. â??Beyond Cold Borderâ?? explores the concept between time and space.
Marked by stillness and silence but still surrounded by movement, with paths that will forever be unreachable, no matter which direction we never get to an end.

Portuguese by birth, but since 2000 she is living in Macau, South of China.

Her images appear in many of the main projects published in the territory in the past few years, such as the books  The New Macau, A Sense of Heritage and Macau Dome, a limited edition of the MEAGOC, especially commissioned to celebrate the opening of the largest multi-sports stadium of the Special Administrative Region.

Apart from being a regular contributor for most of the magazines issued in Macau she has also been working with Portuguese and international newspapers, magazines and commercial companies for more than 16 years, on a freelance basis.