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tauranga bay

Olivier was Born in 1963 in France (Lyon), studied medicine and has long worked in oncology and interventional radiology. He has lived on Reunion Island (France), close to Madagascar, since 2004 working at a University Institution.

In his photography, Olivier combines his need for travel and open spaces, his talent to recognize compassion within others and his love for photography. 

On his landscape & editorial photography:

 “Photography is for me an outlet, a way to regenerate. It's an important area of freedom which allows me to find myself. It's also a way to open my mind and get out of my daily, very oppressive, very standardized, and very uncreative life. 
I'm worried by the passage of time, and fascinated by space constraints in my photography. Those combined elements reinforce the sense of claustrophobia that drives me to perform. I try to create a calm atmosphere in my landscapes and use long exposures to create contrast in an everyday scene.”

Olivier has traveled extensively throughout India and South East Asia with his mentor, Steve McCurry.  From Steve, Olivier has learned how to capture the diversity and dignity within his subjects and how to recognize the ‘fleeting, unguarded moment’ so important in photography.  He is fascinated by far away cultures and dedicates himself to immersing into their traditions and daily life, capturing a true and noble portrait.