Silver / 2010 / Nature / Water

Clear Spirit No. 5

  • Company
    Carolyn Guild Photography
  • Photographer
    Carolyn Guild
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The Essence of Nature...

Carolyn Guild: an American born photographer (1951),

Guild is a third generation San Diegan, and she now splits her time with her husband Whitney, between their small beach cottage in Encinitas - California, Northern Baja - Mexico, and their old log cabin, high in the mountains of Northern Utah. Her father almost always had a Rolleiflex or two around his neck, and is responsible for instilling in her, his love of photography.

Her photography has been described as “dramatic grand vistas”, “strangely beautiful and evocative abstractions”, and becoming *surrealistic* once the sun goes down, when long exposures turn water vaporous, stars leave their trails, and clouds resemble the northern lights.

When asked “Why black and white”? Guild’s reply is: “To see in colour is delightful to the eye, but to see in black and white delights the soul….. No colour to attract or distract. Only the sensual lines, the shadows and highlights…. Lines, light and shapes repeated. That’s what delights my soul”..