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    Samantha Everton
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Samantha Everton is a Austraslian-based photographer with a taste for magic realism and seeing the absurd in everyday interactions. Samantha has won a number of awards including the prestigious Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize , highly Commended, the 23rd MacGregor Prize for Photography and the 2006 Australian Leica Photographer of the Year. Her work has been published and reviewed in numerous books and magazines around the world, including The NewYorker. In her latest work Night Carnival, Samantha continues her journey into the realms of the subconscious, where our innermost thoughts and emotions are played out in elaborately staged, theatrical compositions. Night Carnival explores history, race and culture through magic realism. I was inspired by the innocent act of children playing dress ups and the way they re-enact adult behaviour, concepts and themes, without preconceptions or judgment. The image comes together because of intricate choreography, imaginative concept, lighting, mood, costume, setting and artist. I spends endless days and months gathering all the elements needed to create these theatrical works; from finding a decrepit house that I could manipulate, to searching for the perfect costumes and props, I create my images using a myriad of techniques and tools, I then capture using traditional film.__________ Samantha Everton