Silver 2010 Fine Art / People_FA

Star Of The Stars

  • Photographer
    Yoichi Nagata

Tokyo is a city characterized by dramatic shifts and changes. The shops you saw a few days ago would often no longer be there when you pass by them the next time. At other times, huge new glass-sided buildings suddenly appear. Likewise, Tokyo residents frequently change their looks. The world undergoes drastic change every second. You can never see the same scene again. There is no better and more convenient tool than the camera for capturing the moments of constant change which the world is undergoing. This Star of the Stars series is a portrait of club partygoers in Tokyo. Over about four years I photographed nearly 600 people. This project is still ongoing. On nights when club parties were held, I went to the party venue with a black background and a round fluorescent light and took pictures from late night to early morning from a small space I created in a corner of the club. During the day the partygoers work in various fields, such as banking, art study, web design, boutique clerk, building cleaning and professional funeral services etc.. Their styles of fashion and body modifications, such as tongue splitting and tattoo, increase every day. Their false eyelashes and hair extensions are becoming ever larger. Since their fashion and appearance would change from one party to another, I often photographed the same person many times believing that I was taking pictures of a different person. Those people who watch the performances of worm-eating entertainers and the Tokyo Shock Boys and who dance all night to dark electro and anime songs remind me of an ancient shamanic service.

Yoichi Nagata is a Tokyo based photographer. He studied photography at Eikoh Hosoe’s workshop. He worked as a commercial photographer, and a commercial works such as Shu Uemura Cosmetics and Shiseido etc. published in “Graphis Posters” and “Advertising Photography in Japan”. and also in the collection of Shiseido Gallery. He held several solo exbitions in Japan and participated in group shows including Micheko Gallerie in Munich , “Planet Earth” in New York , and “Natural World” at The Center for Fine Art Photography. He received Second Prize from PX3 2010 and 5 Honorable Mention from IPA 2010, and selected finalist of Critical Mass 2010 and Roberto Del Carlo Lucca digital Photo contest09. His works has been featured in fotoMAGAZIN(Germany). His works is represented by Susan Spiritus Gallery(Newport Beach U.S.A.) and Micheko Galerie.(Munich Germany)