Silver / 2010 / Photojournalism / Sports

Neat Turn Down

  • Photographer
    jean-luc brouard

Taken from a project on backyard BMX riders. Phillip Guille performs a neat turn down, watched by other riders.

Originally from the island of Guernsey, Jean-Luc now lives and works in Brighton, where he divides his time between commercial commissions and personal photographic projects.

A fascination with the nocturnal world is apparent in the majority of his work; this fascination materialises in both his personal projects & commissioned work. Fiercely independent he enjoys working in a number of different fields & revels in the variety & freedom that ensues from his refusal to be tied down to one particular genre of photography.

He has spent a number of years documenting youth cultures and music scenes & producing images for the music industry & press. Although something of a night owl he also produces work for more commercial clients during daylight in the areas of portraiture, architecture & food photography.

In his personal projects his fascination with the nocturnal world is also matched by an interest in landscapes. Previous bodies of work have dealt with subject matter such as; twilight landscapes of northern Finland during midwinter and midsummer, seascapes featuring distant vessels, World War two coastal fortifications in the Channel Islands and open air crime scenes.

He has just been short listed as one of the final 15 photographers for British Journal of Photographyâ??s International Photography Award in the individual image category & was also short listed for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2009. He has previously exhibited in a number of group and solo shows.