Honorable Mention / 2023 / Fine Art / Abstract

Time Capsules

TIME CAPSULES is a Macro Photographic Series composed of delicate abstract images evoking another World, another Time, stored in bubbles that retain memories of a remote Past.
Through my personal research into old family belongings, objects that could speak to my past, I began to investigate the existence of small translucent drops inside antique hand-blown glass objects which when enlarged take on a supernatural aspect, revealing fragments of encapsulated worlds containing their own atmosphere, their air of the Past.
There were no digital photomontages in the process.

Patrícia Abreu is a Brazilian Visual Artist, who mixes multiple techniques in the realization of her works.
With a degree in Graphic Design, Photography and professional experience in Art Direction for Audiovisual Dramaturgy, she moves fluently through different languages in her search for original expression.
She is currently focused on Macro Photography of natural environments, focusing her interests in the mysteries covered beyond the visible surfaces that envelop what we see and blur what we imagine, achieving then, an abstractionism in her image creation process.

Awards . July 2023 - 20th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. Awarded Winner and Honorable Mention on Professional Digital Manipulation & Collage Category. Awarded Honorable Mention on Professional Cell Phone Category.
. March 2023 - Make Art Gallery. Awarded "PREMIO ARTE CRITICA PER EXPLORA 2023".
. January 2023 - reFocus Awards 2023 - “Black and White Contest”. Nominated in the Abstract Professional Category.
. December 2022 - Chromatic Photography Awards 2022. Awarded Honorable Mention in the Abstract Professional Category.
. October 2022 - Envision Arts - “Amber III”. Awarded "Best in Show" of the "Amber III Exhibition".
. September 2022 - reFocus Awards 2022 - “One Shot Awards 2022". Nominated in the Abstract Professional Category.
. December 2021 - PhotoArts Gallery - PHOTO+ARTS 2021 Contest. Awarded 1st Place - Portrait Category.
. December 2021 - PhotoArts Gallery - PHOTO+ARTS 2021 Contest. Awarded 3rd Place - Series Category.