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100 Years and 3 Weeks - Alf Neal OAM

"100 Years & 3 Weeks"
One hundred years old, Yarrabah aboriginal Elder and Order of Australia recipient Alf Neal sits with his three week old great great grandson Kailan.
A former cane cutter, bush lawyer and activist, Alf led the fight for the 1967 referendum which resulted in Indigenous peoples historic recognition in Australia’s Constitution and was awarded the ‘Medal of the Order of Australia’ (OAM) for "Service to the Aboriginal community and the Referendum Campaign".
Australia is again poised to vote on National indigenous issues with the "Voice to Parliament" referendum this year.

BRIAN CASSEY / based Cairns, Australia

Long based in Australia's northern tropical city of Cairns, Brian was born in London UK almost with a camera in his hand. (First camera a VP Twin 127 Bakelite camera - 2/6d at Woolworths)

Since making Cairns home a few decades ago Brian has been freelancing for National and International media including News Ltd, Fairfax and 'The Wires'.

Brian has covered major news stories in Australia and around the planet ... and has been awarded for his work World wide.

Awards See ... www.briancasseyphotographer.com/awards