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Snow velvet

The snow comes, every year later and later, it is rare even here in Switzerland at low altitude. It's a privilege to live
a cold snowy day and being able to capture that beautiful velvet snow.

Born on the urban island of Montreal, Annick reunites with photography while living in Switzerland. The rediscovery of the beauty of the swiss alp’s lake is where she resumes her photographic work with happiness and passion.
Seeking to show a prolonged vision of the subject, not just to capture but to make it last, is what inspires her. Dusk or dawn, it is the concert of a moment’s beauty and reflection for Annick in a constant search of textures, colors and precious lights.
Reuniting with photography is simple and natural for Annick. The talented eye of the designer captures the landscape an

Awards Ipa awards honorable mentions
Ipa awards 2nd place 2021