Honorable Mention / 2023 / Special / Night Photography

Never Yield

An installation created in the Manhattan night sky has become an internationally powerful symbol of 9.11 for two decades.

Everyone who looked at the "Tribute in Light" seemed to see in it a different meaning, but I felt a personal connection with every single person at the moment the crescent moon just entered between the two lights.

This photograph is imprinted on my mind as my image of the beginning of a new era that we would never yield to terrorism.

I began taking a serious interest in photography starting in 2010.
"Portrait Photography " is one of the main themes for my photographic activities.
Although I am not formally trained, I love taking photographs and spending time with my friends and family.
I do hope you enjoy my work and can identify with the sincerity and beauty of my images.

Thank you,

Shintaro Ueyama