Honorable Mention / 2023 / Portraiture / Children

Long Covid Prisoner

A month after testing positive for covid, my 12-yr old daughter developed long covid. She became very sick and suffered many debilitating symptoms: fatigue, nausea, migraine, neuropathic pains, etc. She could barely walk. She missed friends and school, she missed running, she missed life. It took months before any improvement, which came thanks to cold water therapy.
This series aims to show what an invisible disease looks like and to raise awareness. To this day there is no cure for long covid.
Iris is still not fully recovered, yet. Every day is a challenge.
January 2023

Belgian photographer currently based in Luxembourg, I work on a diverse range of subjects dealing with portraiture, documentary photography, street photography and fine art. I explore storytelling through photography in order to shed light on the manifold aspects of life.

I have a Masters degree in English and German literature, and in literary translation. I lived four years in the Philippines, and five years in Australia.

Awards My work has been awarded various prizes and has been exhibited in Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Myanmar.

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