Honorable Mention / 2022 / Fine Art / Abstract


An abstract perspective of Callistemon, where color and line create a magnificent canvas into another world.

My photographic work aims to awaken a new sense of awareness in visualizing a different dimension in the interaction of objects and spaces.

Emilia Kashfian is an int'l award-winning fine art photographer, based in Los Angeles. Her art has been exhibited in various galleries across the world, including FotoNostrum Mediterranean House of Photography in Barcelona; Valle World Hall Gallery in Barcelona; Espace Beaurepaire in Paris; Mira Forum in Portugal; PH21 Gallery in Budapest; Black Box Gallery in Portland, among others. Her work has also been exhibited at the LA Art Show, and with Feature Shoot’s exhibitions at Foley Gallery in New York City; Blank Wall Gallery in Athens; Laurent Gallery in Melbourne; Matca Gallery in Hanoi.

Awards 2023 PX3 Bronze Winner & 2 Honorable Mentions/Special

2022 IPA 3rd Place Still in Motion & 2 Honorable Mentions/Fine Art

2022 PX3 2 Honorable Mentions/Fine Art, People

2022 Fine Art Photography Awards - 4 Nominations

2022 B/W Spider Awards 3 Honorable Mentions/11 Nominations

2022 IPPAWARDS 3 Honorable Mentions

2021 BIFA 5 HR's/Architecture, Fine Art, People

2021 Julia Margaret Cameron Award - 1st Place Winner/Architecture, Runner Up/BNW, 28 Honorable Mentions - Abstract, Architecture, BNW, Children, Culture & Daily Life, Fine Art, Nature, & Street

2021 Spider Awards, 2 Honorable Mentions & 5 Nominations-Abstract/Fine Art

2021 IPA 2 Honorable Mentions, Architecture-Abstract
2021 IPA 3 Honorable Mentions, Fine Art (Abstract, Minimal, Other)
2021 IPA 2 Honorable Mentions, People-Street Photography
2021 IPA 3 Honorable Mentions, Special-Smartphone

2021 PX3 Bronze Winner, Nature-Trees
2021 PX3 Bronze Winner, Special-Smartphone
2021 PX3 Honorable Mention, Architecture-Interior
2021 PX3 3 Honorable Mentions, Special-Smartphone

2021 MINIMALIST PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - 2 Honorable Mentions/Fine Art & Street

2021 MIFA Winner, 3 Honorable Mentions/Architecture-Buildings/Interiors, Nature/Trees

2021 APPLE SHOT ON iPHONE Campaign - Solo Featured Artist

2021 APPLE SHOT ON iPHONE Campaign - Featured Artist/The Vertical Video Series

2020 10th Annual MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS (MPA) - 3 Honorable Mentions/Transportation, Macro/Details, & Water Category

2020 TIFA Winner, Honorable Mention/Nature-Trees

2020 IPA Winner, 2nd Place in Special/Smartphone
(with 7 Honorable Mentions in Architecture-Abstract, Fine Art-Minimalism, People-Lifestyle, Still in Motion/Video & Street Photography)

2020 IPPAWARDS Winner, 2nd Place-Architecture

2019 MOBILE PHOTO AWARDS, Honorable Mention/Black & White

2019 APPLE SHOT ON iPHONE Campaign - Featured Artist/The Mini Series/The Abstract Series/The Reflection Series