Honorable Mention / 2022 / Architecture / Others Architecture

The Olympic Trampoline

The Olympic trampoline in Cortina D’Ampezzo, in the Italian dolomites, was built in 1955 and hosted many international skiing events. It was featured in a scene in the 1981 James Bond film ‘For Your Eyes Only’.

Despite the state of decay, the trampoline is a landmark in community and its future existence comes into question as the 2026 winter Olympics will be held in the same area.

Revisiting this place is not only an opportunity to reflect on the potential of this iconic artifact, but also a way to reconnect to my childhood as I used to spend holidays in this area with my family.

Awards 2021 – PX3 – Bronze medal (Book/people)
2021 – IPA – 3 Honorable Mentions (book, environmental and street photography)
2021 – IPA (ONESHOT) – Our Times – Honorable Mention (Lockdown life)
2020 – PX3 – Bronze medal (Street Photography)
2020 – PX3 – Honorable Mention (Press/General News)
2016 – IPA – 2 Honorable Mentions (editorial category)
2015 – IPA – Honorable Mentions (Deeper Perspective)