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Passion Flower

Nature developed the most ingenious strategy 240 million years ago, when flowering plants succeeded in attracting animals with seductive colors, shapes and smells in order to turn them into involuntary couriers of their seed. This interaction of plants and animals caused an infinite number of flowering plants to develop on earth, which has made our planet more diverse and colorful. It’s fascinating that the astonishingly beautiful qualities of the flowers are purely survival mechanisms. Every flower is a dependent half of an ecosystem, and structurally, they evoke their insect counterparts.

Monika Schneider is a professional photographer based in Germany. With a subtle minimalistic approach, she strive to create work that is clear and uncompromising. She make color the central element of her Photography and to provoke an emotional response or longing from the viewer when a certain color penetrates of soul. Each floral portrait on her website is a digital photo composite created by merging several images together.This technique involves taking photos at different focal lengths in order to capture all the unique details that cannot be captured with one shot.

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