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One of the definitions of the word “Oblivion” is the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one - the state of being abandoned or forgotten by the general public. The dualism in the book title reflects the moving and one-of-a-kind story of each place photographed by Roman. As an award-winning photographer, he developed a particular fascination with urban landscapes. As he continued to explore different places and new cultures, he realized that he could find empty buildings and decaying sites pretty much anywhere around the world.

Roman Robroek is a photographer who captures forgotten places around the world. In particular, he is focused on creating stunning pho-tos of abandoned locations, rich with wonder, mystery and unanswered questions.

Awards Urban Photo Awards – Finalist, September 2021
Photo Is Light – Top 10, March 2021
IPA – Jury Top 5 Selection, November 2020
Historic Photographer of the Year – Shortlisted, November 2020
ND Awards – 2nd place, November 2020
IPA – Honorable Mention, October 2020
URBAN 2020 Photo Awards – Finalist, August 2020
Fine Art Photography Awards – Nominee, April 2020
URBAN 2019 Photo Awards – Winner, September 2019
International Photo Awards – Honorable Mention, September 2019
Historic Photographer of the Year – Shortlisted, November 2018
Architectural Photography Awards – Shortlisted, October 2018
URBAN 2018 Photo Awards – Finalist, July 2018
Photocrowd – Top 10% and Expert Commended, April 2018
IPOTY 2017 Interior – Honorable Mention, February 2018
IPOTY 2017 Industrial – Honorable Mention, February 2018
ND Awards Industrial – Honorable Mention, November 2017
URBAN 2017 Photo Awards – Finalist, July 2017
Architectural Exhibition SE Center – Winner, February 2017
Art of Building – Winner, December 2016
Defrozo Photography Contest – Winner, November 2014