Honorable Mention / 2021 / Press / Feature Story

Seek the Fish God

  • Photographer
    Satoshi Takahashi

Japanese sandfish, commonly known in Japan as Hatahata is a important fish especially for Akita prefecture. The fishing is only carried out for a limited period from the end of November to December. A long time ago, Japanese people gave the name "God of thunder" to Hatahata, because Hatahata comes over with the winter thunderstorm from the depths of the ocean to the coastal area. The people of Akita believe that they are the "Gift of God" during the harsh winter. This is the reason that the fishermen head to the cold ocean every year with courage and hope.

Satoshi Takahashi is a Japanese photojournalist. He was born in 1981 in Akita, Japan. Satoshi began his career as a freelance photojournalist in Cambodia since 2007. He has spent 11 years in the country for covering social issues and social movements against the autocratic government. In October 2018, Satoshi back to Japan and currently he has been focusing on documenting stories of vanishing cultures in Akita prefecture concurrently with covering Cambodia. In March 2019, He was awarded the Domon Ken Award for his latest photo book "RESISTANCE" that is the compilation of his work in Cambodia.

Awards 2014: Younosuke Natori Photography Award
2016: Miki Jun Inspiration Award
2019: Domon Ken Award