Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Other

El Antídoto / The Antidote

  • Photographer
    Marina Serrano
  • Studio
    Nina Gades / Marina Serrano
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El Antídoto (2020) The origins of this project are rooted in the Spanish pandemic, from March to the 20th June, the day before quarantine finished. As those months passed, I started to experience surreal dreams, which I wrote down in a notebook. That way my artistic process began, while creating poems inspired on these dreamlike and disturbing visions. “El Antídoto” (“The Antidote”) provides a glimpse of two concepts: the eagerly expected remedy for this virus and thesole cure for the artist herself: the creative inner world in which she is immersed

Marina Serrano (Cádiz, 1984) is a photographer, graphic designer, teacher and poet, based in Cantabria since 2011.
The creative process of his photography is developed through dreamlike, surreal and mysterious photography that leads him to compose a poem. Sometimes the order of creation is reversed and he works through the written sample to recreate the representation of the poetic image. Psychoanalysis is inevitable in his most recent work.
The main theme of his compositions encompasses nostalgia, loneliness, surrealism and the mysterious and bucolic figure of the woman.

Awards · 2020, December: Finalist MAKMA International Poster Award for MuVIM Comunicación / Incomunicación: The poster as a map and illustrated territory of human contradictions.
· 2020, November: LUX Silver Award in the Personal Project category with the photographic series "El Antídoto".
· 2020, October: Finalist artist in the 2021 PhotoEspaña Discoveries portfolio selection with the photographic series "El Antídoto".
· 2020, September: Artist selected in the portfolio contest organized by Photo Art Festival with the poetic-photographic project "El Antídoto". The exhibition of the work will open in August 2021 at the Manuel Rotella National Photography Center (Torrelavega, Cantabria)
· 2019, January: Second prize for poetry + publication in the literary awards convened by the UC Social Council "Manuel Arce" with the work After so much burning.
· 2017: Second prize of the IV International Short Story Contest "Valle de Cayón" with the work "A mi padre".
· 2016, November: LUX bronze Award in the Documentary Report category with the photographic series "Incubarte".