Honorable Mention / 2021 / Book / Monograph

RECycle: sustainable photography

  • Photographer
    Daniele Notaristefano
  • Studio
    Daniele Notaristefano
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"An archive is indeed a manifold entity that shows or hides its various aspects according to the commitment of its interlocutor. This is how treasures are found: by composing different words and requests that prelude to new answers. And Daniele Notaristefano's photography operates exactly in this way: by working on the stratification of the image, it allows different spaces and times to coexist in the narrative and in the emotional space alike. An asynchronous cohabitation beyond time and matter in which everything is contained in the new direction of the exposure interval." Marco Spagnoli

Awards -1st place IPA 2015 International Photography Award- Category Book/Other (Paranoid)
-IPA 2020 Honorable Mention Professional Book self-published (Recycle)
-IPA 2020 Honorable Mention Professional Fine Art Collage (Recycle)
-IPA 2020 jury Top 5 selection (Recycle)
-2021 Premio “fotografo di cinema” del Castiglioni Film Festival