Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Other


Combining sculptural forms and photographs with painterly references creates both a sense of familiarity and disconnect: what are the connection with current issues and what is the meaning of representation? What is the relationship between the literal and the imaginative?

Simulacra are iconographic visions, both archetypal and artificial, with thin boundaries between reality and simulated life. The photographic simulacrum explores the boundaries between reality and fiction, emphasizing the connections of the simulated reality to our daily lives.

Nicolò Sertorio (1968, Princeton NJ USA) is an internationally exhibited artist with over 15 years of experience in visual storytelling.

Sertorio works in fine art and commercial photography, mixed media, collaboration, and conceptual art. His photos directly respond to the surrounding environment by emphasizing aesthetics and everyday experiences. Sometimes radiating a latent violence, these photographs show through their disconcerting beauty multiple layers of meaning.

Awards 2018
PDN 'Photo Annual' (First Prize) with (Dis)Connected
International Color Awards, 2nd place 'Merit of Excellence'
PDN 'One Life' (First Prize) with (Dis)Connected
Black & White Spider Awards Nominee

Critical Mass Top 50 with (Dis)Connected
Black & White Spider Awards Nominee
Felix Schoeller Award, finalist in 'Landscape' with (Dis)Connected
American Photography 33
Color Awards, 2nd place + 7 'nominees' ('Portrait', 'People', 'Nature', 'Nude', 'Architecture')

American Photography 32
APA ‘Something Personal’

Critical Mass finalist
International Landscape Photographer of the Year top 101
International Color Awards (honorable mention + 4 nominees)
'Landscapes', The Center for Fine-Art Photography (honorable mention)
SoHo National Photography Competition

ND Awards (3 honorable mentions)
Prix de la Photo Paris
International Loupe Award (6 Bronze)
APA ‘Something Personal’ (2nd prize)
B&W Spider Awards (Nominee)
PDN Photo of the Day
'The Perimeter of the World', Rayko gallery (Honorable mention)
F-Stop 'On The Road'
American Photography 30
ASMP Image
5th Annual Contemporary Photography Exhibition
InFocus Self-published Photobooks
APA 'Something Personal' (2nd place)
Santa Fe Workshops 'Travels' (honorable mention)

APA 'Curator's Voice'
American Photography 29
Photography Masters Cup 'Fine Art'
The Center for Fine Art Photography 'Portfolio ShowCase 6' for Rest Areas
Best of ASMP
International Loupe Awards

Santa Fe Workshops 'Outside'
International Loupe Awards (1 silver + 8 bronze)
PDN 'World in Focus' ('photo series')
Black & White Spider Awards 'Nude'
PDN 'The Fence'
The Center for Fine Art Photography 'Simply'
Holland International Image Circuit
PDN 'Go Indie' (1st prize)
APA ‘Something Personal’
Planet Global Travel
Holland International Image Circuit
Epson Pano Award
APA SD 'Noir'

Photography Master Cup International Award
Blurb 'Photography Book Now'
Santa Fe Workshops 'Summer'
International Loupe