Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Digitally Enhanced

Adherences and indelebile signes.

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    Sandra Paul
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This project take source in my own life experience.
The pictures are born from the double exposure of photographs of scars of my body due to as many operations and photos of places from my past. A dreamlike journey back in time remembering the events and places that made me who I am. All the photos, of scars and landscapes, are mine, mine also the post production work for the double exposure of the images. I have carefully chosen each landscape image for combine it with one of my specific scars, by associating it with his positive memory; chiefly landscapes of Camargue, frame of my chilhood.

Born and raised in France (Arles) and then moved to Italy.
Her eyes focuses on moments, lived with intensity, that she wants to capture and keep preserved through the photography in a sensory and instinctive world.
Since 2016 she has participated in several collective exhibitions: at the Tevere Art Gallery in Rome curated by L.Corvaglia ; at the Voies off festival in Arles (2017-2019); in Paris with Street Sans Frontières (2019), at the month of photography in Rome, at the Plaza Hotel in Rome with a project presented to the Italian Senate on women's breast cancer,at the Crocetti Museum in Rome

Awards 2020: Honorable Mention winner at the Prix de la Photographie Paris
2021: 2 Honorable Mention winner at the Prix de la Photographie Paris; one for a project, one in Fine Art People