Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Other

Naphtha Tribes

  • Photographer
    Fab Rideti
  • Studio
    White Space Lab
  • Website

Inspired by Edward Curtis as he immortalized Native Americans, I photographed the last representatives of our civilization,the "founders" of the 7th continent, before ecological consciousness makes these portraits no longer conceivable.
The series highlights consumerism and emptiness behind appearance. Like ridiculous warriors, the characters adorn themselves with plastic (made of Naphtha),claimed to be a noble material although it is causing their downfall.
I am touched by the ability of Man to persist in deadly mistakes. To get our full attention, I chose humor and tenderness over guilt.

Fab Rideti is a French artist who had the chance to express herself on Paris creative scene as Guerlain's Marketing Director. She decided to focus solely on her creative aspirations and graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Versailles in photography. She moved to Seattle in 2010. With her distinctive style, Fab attracted the attention of galleries and a museum, and shared her work in Seattle, Portland and Paris until 2014. She moved to Brussels and began to show her work again. More "maker" than "taker", she makes images by staging her characters and lets us tell the rest of the story.