Honorable Mention / 2021 / Nature / Flowers


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    Paola Iacopetti
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    Paola Iacopetti

Through a macro lens, a flower may become a cathedral, a cloud, a universe you can walk - or swim, crawl, fly.. - in, have visions, and learn about impermanence, life, death, mystery, surrender. Heaven is here and now.

Petals like skin: meditation and awareness dissolve skin as a border between me and anything else, just like petals seem to dissolve in sunlight. Synaesthesia, scent of flowers and skin; delicacy, wish of tenderness, of a lovely caress, from soul to soul.  In my Heaven, pleasure and sensuality have the nuances and shapes of this blooming peony, shot at dawn in my garden.

Photography is for me a recent, yet deep, passion. My images arise from the wish to overcome the boundary between tangible reality and imagination, senses and emotions, matter and spirit: they address observer’s unconscious mind by creating synaesthesia and suggestions. I photograph soul's garden.
From 2017, I realized some personal exhibitions, and participated to a number of collective exhibitions in Pietrasanta, Lucca and Pisa. I recently curated two personal exhibitions of other artists, Roberto Ghezzi and Lorenzo Malfatti, respectively. I am a biologist, working at the University of Pisa.

Awards Selected by the jury of Combat Prize 2021 for publication on the catalog.
Honorable Mention at PX3 - Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2021 in the Fine Art/abstract category.
Finalist at Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021 in the "Portfolio" Category, professional.