/ 2021 / Fine Art / Collage

Now Rome is all yours

Photography that evokes the past and makes it eternal, without time boundaries. The photography that assigns power, like the subjective one, the personal vision of a utopian desire drawn among the stars: Rome as a still, timeless scenario. My mother in these photos stopped the hands of the clock. It doesn't matter if it was 30 or 50 years ago. The future is not even imagined, time is now a firm line. Photography stopped her, in these candid poses that I brought back to life by tracing them in my own way, as with a hypothetical felt-tip pen, drawing comments and props on them. To tell you, mom,

Born in Palermo in 1974, I have been having a natural flair for the shot since he was 10, using a Polaroid 1000 model borrowed from my brother. A few years later the first experiments in street photography gave way to the glossy world of glamour. The real revolution begins owning a Kodak's bridge camera with a 24x zoom which trained my eye to look for the hidden details of things, as in an imaginary game in which there is always something hidden from reality that may tickle the wonder of surprise.

Awards Official selection @PX3 2011
Nominee @ Black & White Spider Awards 2012
One photo exhibited in the "Exposed: the contemporary nude" exhibition, promoted by 1650 fine art Gallery, Los Angeles 2012
2 Honorable Mentions @ WPGA - World Photography Gala Awards 2012
1 Honorable Mentions @ International Photography Awards 2012 (IPA)
2 Honorable Mentions @ International Photography Awards 2013 (IPA)
1st place @ Worldwide Gala Photography Awards - Spring edition, "Nude" section, 2013
1st place @ PX3 2014
2nd place @ PX3 2015
2nd place @ MIFA 2016
3rd place @ TIFA 2017