Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Landscape

The Way Home

  • Photographer
    Fabio Rossi

The road that leads to my home on a winter morning in Tuscany

Digital artist and conceptual photographer, born in 1968 in Rome. His work is a constant search for a balance between creative impulse and technique, exploring the fantasy and the dream. He has shown his work in numerous exhibitions.

Awards In january 2016 he won the award Photocreando 2016 in Italy category - My World.
FAPA 2016 - London Nominee in 2nd edition of Fine Art Photography Awards in Photomanipulation
MIFA 2016 - Moscow - Honorable Mention Fine Art Awards in collage
PX3 2016 - Paris - Honorable Mention in Digitally Enhanced category for the entry entitled, " Divine and...Comedy.
TIFA 2016 - Tokio - Honorable Mention Fine Art Awards in collage
Monochrome Awards 2016,Honorable Mention in Photomanipulation.
Selected to exhibited in The London Image Festival, London september 2016.
Selected to exhibited in Bartcelona Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia in January 2017,Group Exhibition "more than 1... at least double".
In january 2017 he won first prize Photocreando 2017 in Italy.
IPOTY 2016 International Photographer of the Year.Honorable Mention in Fineart Photomanipulation.
10th Annual International Color Awards 2017 two Nominee in Fine Art Category.
FAPA 2017 - London - Two Nominee in 3nd edition of Fine Art Photography Awards in Photomanipulation Category and Fine Art.
11th Annual International Color Awards 2018 Honorable Mention in Wildlife and Nominee in Fineart Category.
FAPA 2018 - 2019 London - Nominee in Landscape, Photomanipulation
and Wildlife
IPA 2018-2020 HM in Nature and Landscape
ND Neutral Density 2018-2019 HM in Fineart Photomanipulation and Nature
Monochrome Awards Black and White 2018 two HM in Category Nature
BIFA 2019 -Budapest,Honorable Mention Fine Art Abstract
TIFA 2020 -Tokio,Honorable Mention Fine Art Abstract
Umbra Awards 2020 - Second place in Black and White category
Spider Awards 2020 - Nominee in Wildlife
PX3 Paris 2021 - HM in Fineart Cat. Landscape
Trieste Photo Day - selected as a photographer in The Dante 2021 project, conceived by dotART together with the Municipality of San Daniele del Friuli, they will involve Italian and foreign photographers in a collective tribute to Dante Alighieri.