Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Nudes


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    Jocelyn Janon
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In a context where the body, in particular the Female body, is political, I have chosen to treat the human body as 'Monuments'.

Non-compliant photographic representations, loosely inspired by 19th-century French sculptures, in "Monuments", I treat the body in all its strength and grandeur.

In my images, I am trying to capture the power spirit, the emanation, the charisma of the body.
Legs are columns, backs are roofs, hands windows.

“You walk on corpses, beauty, undismayed.”
Charles Baudelaire

Photography is for me a means of meeting people and expressing my love for humans.

I am particularly interested in the talented ones.
The artists, the misfits, the “different” ones.
The round pegs in square holes.

In return, I have been lucky to photograph strong people who shared their weaknesses and beauty with me.

In exchange, I am creating safe spaces to produce images with deep feelings and meaning.

I am a French-born New Zealander [he/him/his] based in Auckland, NZ.

New Zealand photographer of the year.

2022| Runner-up society and culture.
2011| Runner-up society and culture.
2012| Runner-up society and culture. Highly commended.

London International Creative Competition.

2021| Official selection for ‘Tinaku’.

PX3 Prix de la photograhie in Paris.

2022| Winner (bronze) for ‘Tinaku’.
2021| Honorable mention for ‘Monuments’.

Head On Photo Awards - Australia.

2022| Semi-finalist in the 2022 Head On Portrait Awards.
Exhibited at the Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia

Monovisions Black & White photography.

2022| HM for my portraits of Elin-Heni.
2021| HM for ‘Patriarchy’.
2020| HM for ‘Monuments’.

Tokyo International Foto Awards.

2020| HM Editorial-Photo Essay for ‘Rear window’.

Lens Culture.

2016| lens culture. street photography awards 2016, top 100 for ‘Rear window’.

Mono Awards.

2022| Placed Top 100 in the People category.