Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Architecture


  • Photographer
    Bart Vos
  • Studio
    B.R. Vos Film
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Blistering heat, humidity, smog, thunder and rain storms. Buildings in Jakarta face harsh conditions from the elements and traffic every day. And so do the maintenance crews that clean and renovate the towers in city. Washing dirt off windows and walls and giving them paint jobs. A 365 cycle. Zoom in and see the two other crews working on buildings in the background; an endless job.

I'm an Amsterdam based autodidact photographer and filmmaker. Favorite topics: Minimalism, Industrial and Architecture.

Inspirations are Edward Burtynsky and Robert Häusser. Häusser taught me how to turn everyday scenes into art, just by using great compositions, simplifying and using strong black and white contrast. I use that in architecture photography as well. Looking for the essence of beauty buildings and cityscapes.

Burtynsky inspired me to capture the raw beauty of the industrial Port of Amsterdam. I turned it to a book From A tot Y.

Awards I was selected as New Dutch Photography Talent 2018 by GUP Magazine.
I was a finalist in the Head On Awards (Australia), URBAN Awards (Italy), and HIPA Awards (Dubai). I had several honorable mentions in competitions.
My first book 'From A to Y' was featured in several Dutch newspapers, including De Parool.