Honorable Mention / 2021 / Book / Documentary

The Dassanech Tribe

  • Photographer
    Frank Binder
  • Website

The Dassanech tribe is one of the ethnic tribes residing in southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya. With arid conditions continuing to develop in the area, the damming of the Omo River, and the Ethiopian government threatening to take over lands in southern Ethiopia for game parks, tribal life and traditions for many of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley tribes is imperiled, including the Dassanech. I’ve made this series to record and illustrate daily life in the Dassanech tribe while it still exists in its traditional form.

From an early age my mother’s sense of wonder about the world instilled in me an innate curiosity that drives my appetite for discovery. For the last 15 years I have traveled the globe and brought stories of inspiration, astonishment and beauty to thousands of New Englanders via a Multi-media project designed to engage participants in a dialogue on the beauty, diversity and history of our interlocked world. I’ve pulled audiences into visual journeys through the performance of over 500 programs and have become known for making creative and unforgettable images.

Awards * Images twice selected as one of National Geographic's Daily Dozen
* 5 time winner of Better Photo (photographic website) monthly photo contest (over 7,000 entries/month)
* Photography articles published in Boston Globe
* Selected as the IFAW (International Federation of Animal Welfare) photographer of the year
* Honorable mention for Nature/Wildlife in 2018 Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris