Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Collage

The sad heart of women

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I give a voice to women who feel sad or misunderstood or mistreated.
The face used is mainly mine as a teenager in these shots of great emotional intensity.
As always I use various photographic shots that I overlap and background, but this time I used, to dramatize the situations, also photos of yellow and red peppers, eggplants, watermelons, tomatoes, medlars.

"Even laughing, the heart can be sad and joy can end in pain”. This Proverb (14:13)
sums up the feeling of many women who at times, even smiling, are broken, humiliated, tormented.

She was born in Milan where she lives and works.
In the 1970s she helped found the De Bellis Photographic Agency, which produced news and photoreportages for the main Italian newspapers.
Journalist since the age of 20, she has documented the history of Milan with her photographs reportages until the 1990s.
Later she obtained the representation in Italy of important European and American photo agencies, including the Agence France Press Photo, the most advanced in the technological field, with which from 1991 she imports in Italy the first digital photographs of events from all over the world.

Awards She has been awarded 5 prizes:
– finalist at Arte Laguna Prize 2015
– First Prize Fiorino d’Oro – Golden Florin at XXXII Florence Award 2014
– Arts, Sciences, Lettres Award from Sociète Academique de Paris – 2013
– Genova Arte Prize – V Contemporary Art Biennale – 2013
– finalist at Florence Award 2012 organized by the Cultural Centre Europe-Florence “Mario Conti”
Since 2014 she has been member of the “European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature”