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Atlantic Wall - In the mist

These photographs belong to a series called "Atlantic wall". This series offers a peaceful look at the remains of a tormented period in our history. The night merges into the day which prolongs it ... The sky, the mist, the ocean, offer themselves to the morning delights of its diaphanous glow and bring out a feeling of fullness, where the image softness and minimalism, reveal the true reflection of feelings, opening onto a peaceful world with which I feel in harmony ...

"Oblivion is a gigantic ocean on which sails a single ship, which is memory" (Amélie Nothomb).

Amateur photographer, I tasted film photography in my youth, but it was not until 2017 that I set foot in the stirrup, digital this time.

Very attracted by the portrait and the world of the arts, I carry out portraits of musicians, dancers, actors… met during artistic events. I then approach photography from the angle of artistic creation.

In 2019, I discovered the technique of long exposure, and ventured into this field, where time and light offer new spaces of freedom and inspiration. Large spaces, which I love, find their place here, in another dimension and in another light.

Awards ND Award 2020 : Special Long Exposure : Bronze Star

Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 : Seascape : 1e place Golden Badge

Fine Art Photography Awards 2021 : Seascape : Nomination