Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Other

Self-Portaits from a Box of Negatives

“In that stilness I wanted to involve my whole body and let myself be carried away by some movement.
The encounter with the other, I recognize its fragmentation and make it mine ”.
This project was born during a post-accident recovery and brings together chemical explorations carried out inside of an afghan box camera from some negatives of the people I have portrayed over the years.
The images I propose are based on a balance between realism and its deconstruction to reveal the darker side of life by exploring emotions such as pain, sadness, loss, loneliness.

I am Barbara a photographer who works and experiments with different analog formats and photochemical techniques.
In my projects, I use the materiality and immateriality of photography as well as the performance to generate an impulse that pushes me beyond the known, beyond the apparent limits, in the invisible world.

Awards Honorable Mention PX3, category Fine Art

2° prize for category Moving images at MIFA

Nominee Fine Art Photography Awards, category Seascape