Honorable Mention / 2021 / Press / Sports

Fly into the sky to get point

  • Photographer
    Chung-Chien Chiang, Taiwan
  • Studio

People, dogs and the frisbee worked to score points together. The dog's obedience and skills were really amazing! The instant moments of brilliant images through the lens were captured.

Short biography about me.
I love to take various fields of shots, especially for culture, people and nature. Via looking deep into the reality and nature, I will understand everything better.
Recently I got some awards at MIFA, PX3, IPA and TIFA.

Awards as follows:
MIFA Professional Nature Season Bronze prize
PX3 Professional Nature Season Silver prize
IPA Professional Sport Teams 2nd place prize
TIFA Professional Nature Season Bronze prize

PX3 Professional Nature flower Bronze prize
MonoVisions B&W Honorable Mention
TIFA Professional Travel/Tourism Bronze prize