Honorable Mention / 2021 / Architecture / Interior


  • Photographer
    Mi Yee Mariana Poon
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    Mariana Lake

When taking escalator to a restaurant, I was fascinated by the glasses interiors of the escalator. It is full of forms, lines and symmetry and will take readers to surreal vision and appreciation.

Graduated in Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Photography in the University of Hong Kong SPACE in 2019. Presently, I explore and develop more on creative and contemporary photography after the study.

Awards Had obtained 2+ Honourable Mention Certificates and 50+ Acceptances in International Salon Competitions.

Awarded: 1 Honorable Mention in TIFA in 2019; 1 Honorable Mention in IPA (Professional) in 2020; Bronze winner (Professional) in MIFA In 2021; 2 Honorable Mentions (Professional) in PX3 2021; 2 Honorable Mentions (Professional) in IPA 2021; 1 Bronze and 3 Official Selections (Professional) in TIFA 2021.