Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Nudes


I have always been intrigued by bright sunlight and the play of unexpected shadows this causes. The female shadows seem to deform at a white wall. This is the beginning of a search to simplify my photography. My Ibiza muse, I have worked with her for many years, and the light of the sun on a white wall.

To make it more interesting I have added a plant which also gives interesting shadows. You see fields of playful and interesting patterns arising on the body and the wall.

In 2006 Damen graduated at the Academy of Photography in Amsterdam. From her studio based in Amsterdam the world is the working field for her autonomous photo projects. Using this medium, Damen has sensitively captured strong female imagery from a myriad of cultures, which connects both to complement their surrounding landscape, creating a sort of sublime interaction in her work. As an artist she demonstrates the symphony between the female form in natural or architectonic settings creating a painterly meeting of shadows, shapes and lines that are steeped in poetic beauty.

Awards Grand Prize Winner at See.Me 2020.
Two times Honourable mention + One time nominee in Fine art category at Black & White Spider Awards 2019
Two times Honourable mention at Black & White Spider Awards 2018
Two time Honourable mention at IPA Photography Awards 2017
SeeMe x Scope Final in Miami show finalist 2015