Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Nudes

Immutable Sculptures of the Self

  • Photographer
    Marco Barbera
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    Marco Barbera Photo
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This is a series of black & white nudes, with dark background as negative space.

This series symbolically depicts the human being as a statue. This is to stress the immutable nature of the self, which beyond all misleading appearance never really changes.

The human being is a social animal that has to adapt to its social environment. But adaptation doesn’t mean change. The mission of the self is self-preservation despite any politically correct consideration. This is why this series also depicts the human being in different posture which all evoke self-protection.

I am a fine art nude photographer based in Spain. I do artistic nude sessions for private clients throughout Europe.

Awards Nude Series of the year 2020, Monovisions Photography Awards
Nominated at FAPA 2020, Category Fine Art Nudes
Nominated at FAPA 2020, Category Fine Art Portraits
Nominated at FAPA 2019, Category Fine Art Nudes
Winner of 1st Concurso Nacional de Fotografía Digital Sobre Derechos Humanos of Alcoi, Spain