Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Landscape

Wake Up Darling

  • Photographer
    Volker Birke
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Nikon D810, Sigma 35 mm f/1,4 DG HSM|Art, B+W polarizer and ND filter, tripod, LE, PP in PS CC 2021
Close-up of the so-called "Salamander Tree", a mangrove tree at Salamander Bay, Port Stephens, Karuah River, New South Wales, situated around 50 km NE of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. It has become a kinda famous, highly coveted subject over recent years, no doubt. This shot was taken during high tide and shortly after sunset.

Homepage: https://www.volkerbirke.com/

Awards * International Color Awards 2020 - 1st place (Outstanding Achievement) and 3rd place (Honor of Distinction) as well as two honorable mentions and several nominations

* PX3 2013 - Silver Winner - Other Category
* PX3 2013 - Bronze Winner - Sunsets Category
* PX3 2013 - Bronze Winner(People Choice) - Sunsets Category
* PX3 2015 - Gold Winner - Landscape Category
* PX3 2015 - 3 honorable mentions
* PX3 2020 - Silver Winner, one honorable mention

International Photography Awards (IPA) 2020
4 honorable mentions

International Photography Awards (IPA) 2019
2 honorable mentions

International Photography Awards (IPA) 2016
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, 3 honorable mentions

International Photography Awards (IPA) 2015
2nd place for "Silent Running" (architectural)
2nd place for "Buschhaus" (environmental)
11 honorable mentions

Spider Awards 2019
1 nomination

Spider Awards 2013:
2 honorable mentions, several nominations

Spider Awards 2014:
8 nominations

7th International Annual Color Awards 2014:
3rd place (Honor of Distinction) for "It's Full of Stars", category: nature
2 honorable mentions, 4 nominations

8th International Annual Color Awards 2015
3rd place for "To The Sea", category: nature
3 honorable mentions