Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Landscape

The world Abstract of Xiapu China

  • Photographer
    Thierry Bornier, China

Xiapu in the 21st century hearkens back to the time when most Chinese made their living by farming and fishing. In the mudflats region of Fujian, the scenery is constantly changing, and the people making a living there adjust to the tides that sweep through, bringing in fresh sea water, and work with the environment. It is a rustic memory of the Chinese traditional way of life. I have spent the last 6 years going to Xiapu and there are so many different places, you can always find a different mood in your creativity.”

Thierry Bornier, a French photographer specializing in Chinese landscapes, hasn’t followed a traditional path in the photography industry.

With an MBA in finance, he started his working life as Chief Financial Officer for an international fashion company in New York. From 2001 to 2008 he worked in finance, but soon realized that number crunching did not satisfy his thirst for natural beauty. In 2008 he decided to make a big career change, and see what his life would become if he did something he truly loved, he decided to become a photographer after one of his photography was picked for National Geographic ‘s Photo of the day. From that time in 2008, he has never lost his desire and enthusiasm for his new work.

Entirely self-taught as a photographer, his passion has evolved into a desire to capture the moment of truth in the dual avenues of people and landscape.

When Thierry started travelling around China as a landscape photographer, he found a country of many amazing regions and beautiful scenery; he believes anyone who loves nature should come and discover this land of dream-like allure. Thierry particularly loved the landscapes in Yunnan; so much so that he decided to move there.

Published several times in the National Geographic, Included this year 2015 one of his image in the book entitled RARELY SEEN: PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE EXTRAORDINARY and the winner of many photography competitions, such as One Eyeland (Photographer of the year 2014 , Nature ) and Epson International Pano Awards,

Awards One Eyeland Photographer of the year 2024 ( Nature )

Epson international Award Silver