Honorable Mention / 2021 / Nature / Water


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    Shyamala Thilagaratnam
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Looking down from a cliff in Margaret River, Western Australia, the shades of the beach and ocean caught my eye. This couple slowly walked into my frame and then stopped, contemplating the endless ocean. From my vantage point they looked so small, their footprints in the sand fast disappearing in the sea breeze. ...and the word 'insignificant' popped into my head.

Shyamala is a doctor specialising in Public Health at the Health Promotion Board in Singapore. Photography has been a passion since she received her first camera - a gift from an uncle - when she was 14. She enjoys all genres of photography, but particularly enjoys telling stories using images - and continually learning new techniques to support this. Photography and the day job keep her happy in equal measure.

Awards IPA (1st in categories, Honourable Mention), BIFA (Silver, Honourable Mention), TIFA (Silver, Bronze, Honourable Mention), APA (Honourable Mentions), MPA Far East (Merit Awards), RISE International Photography Awards (Bronze Awards).