Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Landscape

Contrasts of the lake

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    Baudot Christophe
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A contrast is not an opposite but a sober protest, a friendly opposition. Marked contrasts make it possible to combine opposites and highlight what is different, just as our life is made up of contrasts, oppositions and differences.

In my photographic approach, I seek to propose a particular look, a different angle of view composed of high and low lights, smooth material and rough material but also of elements that are in the light and others in the shadow, as our existence is built.

After working as a professional photographer, working for large companies and travelling around the world living exclusively from photography for many years, In 2015, I decided to change my professional orientation by completely abandoning the profession of photographer. I haven’t lost sight of becoming a professional photographer again, but I try to work only by producing my photographs as I see fit and then try to sell them, but I no longer wait for an order to get my camera out. I became my own sponsor.