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Last Dance

It’s hard to accept that historic and beautiful buildings are destroyed due to economic reasons. This hotel was demolished against the local people’s voices. The last time I visited there, it still had elegance like blooming flowers, which gave me a feeling of hearing the laughter of the people who had spent their time for years.
It’s necessary to make efforts to reuse of valuable buildings before destroying them. How can people love a city which is no longer what it was used to be when returning hometown?

Aki is an aspiring photographer based in Tokyo. She fell in love with travel, music, and photography while in college. She worked as a print operator at a photo laboratory for 5 years. In January 2017, she got an offer from DALLE, the biggest music photo stock and news agency in France, and signed with them as the only Japanese photographer.
Since then, she has been shooting international musicians and writing reviews in English. Her works have been published worldwide. In the meantime she has a passion to capture endangered architecture and cityscape at night as her lifework.

Awards 2021 Muse Photography Awards Gold Winner at Professional, Fine Art Photography-NIght Category

2021 Muse Photography Awards Silver Winner at Professional, Fine Art Photography-Photojournalism Category

2021 Muse Photography Awards Honorable Mention at Professional, Covid-19 Related Photography

2021 IPA Honorable mention ×2 at Professional, One Shot - Our Times : Lockdown life & Isolation category2018 IPA Honorable mention at Professional, Advertising, Music category

2018 IPA One-shot: Harmony Honorable mention ×2 at people category

2017 TIFA (Tokyo International Foto Awards) Silver award at Advertising, Music category, Bronze award ×2 at Events, Music category

2000 FUJIFILM reversal film photo contest winner

2000 General Photographic Exhibition winner