Honorable Mention / 2021 / Portraiture / Culture

Rural Life in Laos

Laos is one of the lower developed countries and life especially in the rural areas can be tough and often is a struggle. But the gentle pace shows a beauty in the spirit of the people. This set of photographs shows village and family life in a rural northern setting of the country.

Adri’s work has been exhibited in a variety of solo and group shows at institutions including: Thomas Kettle Gallery (London), National Portrait Gallery (London), the Association of Photographers Gallery (London) and Naarden Fotofestival, Netherlands. In the Neilsson Hays Library and the Dutch Embassy, both in Bangkok, the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York and in other shows. Prints of his work are being held in the collection of the Arts Council in the UK.
He directs and produces videos for a variety of NGO's and on occasion works for TV programs.

Awards Awards & Projects:

His successful commissions have resulted in several prestigious industry awards with internationally recognized bodies such as The Association of Photographers (London) and the British Journal of Photography. He has also been short listed for the annual Portrait Prize organized by The National Portrait Gallery, London, whilst sponsored by Schweppes. He received three nominations in the international Black and White Spider awards. He was awarded a silver, a bronze and received honourable mentions in the PX3 awards in Paris, France, for work originated in Laos. He also received an honourable mention for his short film; ‘Portrait of an Abbot’ made for the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism in Luang Prabang, from the International Photo Award in Los Angeles, US. He received an honourable mention in the PX3 awards in Paris for his portrait; ‘Chris after Surgery’. He received another honourable mention from the International Photo Award in Los Angeles U.S., for his film ‘The Seasons’, a short film portraying the Hmong in Northern Laos. Furthermore he received nominations and honourable mentions in the Black & White Spider Awards over recent years.