Honorable Mention / 2021 / Fine Art / Nudes

Anonymously Exposed

  • Photographer
    Paul Veronese
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In this modern world where we all expose ourselves publicly on Social Networks, I have started a work where the public exposure of the naked body itself is linked to a hidden face. Only the intimate details to our body or the footwear we wear allow the audience to recognize the person. Only those who know us intimately can know who we are.

I was introduced to photography by my father in the early '70s when I was gifted a Canon A1. Since then I cultivated my passion for shooting negatives, slides and now digital pictures. I am a top manager for a multinational European company and I love, during my spare time, to capture life and human expression and translate them into a images, to search for details in human constructions, to look deep into nature masterpieces and to experiment with light, flashes and artificial light.