Honorable Mention / 2021 / Nature / Wildlife

Yaguareté II

  • Photographer
    Jasmine Rossi
  • Website

In the Pantanal region of Brasil jaguars live on the edge of the rivers to capture their favourite prey, capybaras & alligators. I was following this female jaguar by boat as she was patrolling the shoreline, and fascinated by how she would appear and disappear from sight among the roots, camouflage working its trick. I was surprised by how aquatic these big cats are often swimming along the shore as they hunt.

“The world, as it has been for millennia, is changing, and Rossi has chosen photography as a medium to stir our conscience, and make us reflect on the dire question of the future of our planet"
- Artinvestor Magazine, Germany.

"...one can tell how much Jasmine Rossi loves her subject. Her stunning photographs show that successful photographers need both passion and persistence".

Russell Hart, Editor in Chief American Photo Magazine

Jasmine Rossi was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, grew up in Spain and Italy and studied in Germany and the UK.
She now resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina