Honorable Mention / 2021 / Nature / Trees

The magic tree

I first discovered this Phoenician juniper in 2011, only few hundred meters from my house. As soon I saw it it was love at first sight. It looks like a beautiful 19th-century dress, because of the way the branches elegantly drape down its back. I estimate that the tree is between 300 and 400 years old. This tree helped me to reconnect with the natural world at a time when I was desperate for inspiration. I call it ‘the magic tree’, because it has this mysterious, otherworldly quality. It’s a reminder that magic is everywhere.

Lena Konstantakou grew up in Athens, Greece and moved to the UK to study Art & Design and Graphic Design. She worked for more than ten years for magazines and newspapers in London - amongst them the Daily Telegraph newspaper, where she worked as the Art Editor for the company's commercial department.
Her photographic vision is an evolutionary journey from the busy London lifestyle to the 'quiet' and more peaceful neighbourhoods by the sea and close to nature.
Lena Konstantakou’s ethereal photographs explore the intuitive connection between habitat, existence and wellbeing.