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Vancouver Covid

These images were shot on the streets of Vancouver's infamous DTES. The Downtown East side is the most vulnerable community in Vancouver. These streets and alleys are occupied by homeless and marginalized people, affected by drug addiction and mental health issues. When Covid 19 Shelter in Place and social distancing order was issued I was concerned about how the city would implement these new regulations within this at risk community.I was sure that there would be cluster outbreaks and it would be a disaster with many lives lost. However people were not dying of Covid but of opioid overdose.

Dina Goldstein b.1969
Dina began her career over 25 years ago as a photojournalist, evolving from a documentary and editorial photographer into an independent artist focusing on large scale productions of nuanced photographic tableaux. Her work is highly conceptual and complex, incorporating cultural archetypes and iconography with narratives inspired by the subconscious and human condition.