Honorable Mention / 2020 / Fine Art / Other

Swan Lane

The swan, in Celtic and Hindu spiritualism signifies the journey of the soul or the eternal soul itself. The incident of swashbuckling photographer Kevin Carter’s last moment in his red Nissan truck and his suicide note are used as metaphors in this series. The last line of his note said: ".... I have gone to join Ken if I am that lucky."
The conceptual story is about the journey of a soul, not just Kevin’s. I have used my Nissan car’s photo, a self portrait, my friend Swagata's photo and other pictures shot by me in the series.

Anirban Mandal Pictures is home of Fine art photography and paintings by Anirban Mandal, physically available at the prestigious Oxford Book Store in Park Street, Kolkata, India and from direct order.
Anirban also made four short films which have been selected in several International film festivals winning awards. Anirban continues to take photos, sell his photos and paintings as fine art collector's items and is presently in search of a producer/ production house to make full-length feature films.

Awards Since almost a decade, Anirban's photos are published in National Geographic online and as editors'picks / wallpapers in its annual contests, Dodho magazine online of Spain and are selected in the professional categories of Fine Art, Travel, Abstract, Portraits, Advertising, street in IPA (Int'l Photography Awards), PX3 (Prix de la Photographie, Paris), Moscow Int'l Foto awards, Tokyo Int'l Foto Awards, ND awards, Monochrome awards, HIPA (Hamden Int'l Photography Awards) etc, International Color Awards etc.