Honorable Mention / 2020 / Press / General News

Venice Secrets

After an unprecedented tide that put the Venice on its knee, Venetians gather together in the church during the celebrations for the “Madonna della Salute” in November 2019. This event was established in memory of a terrible plague that hit Venice in 1630-31.
It is, for Venetians, a pause for reflection. Suddenly left with no visitors and its economy severely damaged, is Venice accountable for relying heavily on mass tourism? And could the town find a more sustainable balance between its citizens and the constant and aggressive influx of tourists?

Awards 2021 – PX3 – Bronze medal (Book/people)
2021 – IPA – 3 Honorable Mentions (book, environmental and street photography)
2021 – IPA (ONESHOT) – Our Times – Honorable Mention (Lockdown life)
2020 – PX3 – Bronze medal (Street Photography)
2020 – PX3 – Honorable Mention (Press/General News)
2016 – IPA – 2 Honorable Mentions (editorial category)
2015 – IPA – Honorable Mentions (Deeper Perspective)